My name is Ashley and I own a crystal shop in western North Carolina with my fiancé Mark. We are passionate about rockhounding and enjoy searching for unique crystals to add to our collection. Living in the beautiful mountainous region of North Carolina provides us with ample opportunities to explore and discover new treasures.

Our crystal shop in western North Carolina is ab amazing space to unwind, with so many unique and beautiful crystals on display. Our collection is a source of pride and joy for us and we love sharing it with everyone.

Living in the mountainous region of North Carolina is a dream for many rockhounds, as it is known for its diverse geological formations and mineral deposits. The area is famous for its emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and other precious gemstones.

Running a crystal shop is a challenging yet fulfilling experience. It is rewarding to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for crystals with my customers and anyone else who seems to spark an interest.

One day in the future we might consider organizing rockhounding trips or workshops for interested customers to discover the joy of finding their own unique crystals.

Overall, our love for rockhounding is inspired by fellow enthusiasts. I hope you enjoy the shop, and if a local United States specimen catches your eye, most likely it was self mined and you can watch it being pulled from the earth on the Owls Nest Crystals Youtube channel. 

Live sales are also held weekly on our Instagram, @OwlsNestCrystals. Everything new to the shop is shown there first, at a discounted price before landing here. 

Happy rockhounding! 

Mark and Ashley, about to rockhound a favorite spot outside The Great Smokey Mountains National Park

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